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During 50s of the 20th century the state program of radio and television network set up was developed in Russia. Human resources training for this program was supposed to provide due to the development of three existing telecommunication institutes (in Moscow, Leningrad and Odessa) and establishment of of three new ones: In Tashkent, Novossibirsk and Kuibyshev. The Povolzhsky State University of Telecommunication and Informatics (PSUTI), which previously had a name of the Povolzhsky Institute of Radio Engineering and Telecommunication, started to teach students in 1956.  At that time there was only one faculty – the faculty of radio engineering and radio broadcasting. In 1957 the Associate Professor Sluginov was appointed as a first rector of the Institute. From 1982 till 1988 the Institute was headed by professor Morozov. From 1988 till 2001 - professor Vitevski was the PSUTI rector. At present, professor Andreev is the PSUTI rector.

The choice of the Institute location was not made at random. Firstly, the Samara city is situated in the middle of the Volga-Ural region and the Institute was meant to train specialists for areas and republics of this large region. Secondly, in Samara during the second World War, many industrial enterprises and radio centers were located. Highly qualified specialists from Moscow and other cities of the country used to work there.

The leading educationonal universities of the country helped to form up the professors’ staff: Berestnev, Balanov, Rinda (the department of radio receiving equipment), Pasternak (the television department), Sheredko, Klovsky (the department of theoratical background of radio engineering), Reshetnikov (the department of automatic electrical communication), Suslov (the department of multichannel communication).

First 150 graduates went working to different parts of the country. Later there were eatablished other faculties, which were aimed to train specialists in the field of telecommunication, radio engineering, informatics and economics. 

At present, the Povolzhskaya State Academy of Telecommunication and Informatics is known as one of four leading scientific and educational centers in Russia, which carries out scientific research and large-scale specialists training in the field of telecommunication, radio-engineering, informatics and economics.  PSUTI also includes: the Samara College of Telecommunication and two subsidiaries - in Stavropol and Orenburg. PSUTI provides multilevel educational system - from a qualified worker to a doctor of science. Training is provided both on state-financed and contract basis. The educational programs are different, depending on specialty and duration of training.

PSUTI has modern educational and scientific basis at the disposal: three educational buildings in Samara as well as hostels, computer centers, concert hall, gyms and sport camp.

The University's image is created by its graduates first of all. Many of them managed to make successful careers in scientific or in production field. They solve the problems of telecommunication and informatics, occupying high posts in these areas. Some of the graduates have become well-known scientists. Among them are V. Andreev, U. Spodobayev, A. Tyajev, O. Masslov and others.

The invalueble help in highly qualified specialists training was rendered by other telecommunication educational institutions from Moscow, St.Petersburg and Odessa. Such professors as Aizenburg, Chistyakov, Shahgildyan and many others shared the search spirit and goal orientation with graduated of PSUTI.

At present there are more than 200 teachers working in the University.  Among thwm more than 30 have the degree of doctor of sciences and more than 100 have the PhD. The scientists of the Academy have achieved eminent results in radio and optical communication theory, in the field of digital signal processing, in development of hydro magnetic devices and television equipment. Together with Samara Scientific Research Institute of Radio, PSATI has developed scientific background for electromagnetic ecology and made state guidance documents for sanitary protection zone calculation of radio radiating means. Scientists of the Academy found unique phenomena during propagation of three centimeter range radio waves. The results are recognized by specialists in more than 100 countries.

PSUTI has postgraduate and doctorate courses. There are three dissertation councils on the following specialities:

  • 01.04.03 – radio physics;
  • 05.12.04 – radio engineering, including radio navigation equipment and systems, radio location and television; 
  • 05.12.07 – antennas, microwave frequency devices and technology;
  • 05.12.13 – Telecom networks and systems;
  • 05.13.10 – social and economic systems management;
  • 05.13.15 – computing devices and computer networks.

PSUTI has postgraduate and doctorate courses. The scientists of the Academy get invitations and take an active part in international symposia and business forums, in field-wise conferences and seminars; appear with reports regarding topical problems of science and technology development in the field of telecommunication and related industries. More than 150 university employees participate in scientific events. Periodicals are issued on a regular basis. Together with the Povolzhskaya Association of Telecommunication Engineers "Teleinfo", PSUTI issues scientific magazine "Telecommunication Filed of Regions", which has been accredited by Deutshe Telecom AG Corporation. Together with Samarski State University, the Academy also issues magazine "Physics of wave processes and radio engineering systems". During the last three years there have been published 23 monographs, 26 textbooks and workbooks and 18 patents have been obtained. There were published the following monographs: V. Andreev “The theory of electromagnatic influence between communication curcuits”, O. Maslov “Electromagnetic security of radio-electronic means”, V. Kartashevsky “Mobile communication networks”, Ию Lihtsinder “Intelligent communication networks”, U. Spodobayev “Electromagnetic ecology background” and many others.

Students carry out scientific research. Some of there works won regional awards.

Under the auspices of the TACIS program, the Samara Regional Telecommunication Training Centre was set up 10 years ago. The students are offered both practical and theoretical courses: digital Networks and switching systems, measurements and cabling of electromagnetic cables, signal construction and maintenance of fiber optical transmission lines, mobile communication, radio relay and satellite telecommunication systems, management and marketing in Telecommunication, electromagnetic ecology, accountancy and finance, English and others.

The Samara Telecommunication colllege of PSUTI is one of the best secondary specialized educational institution in Russia. The college trains specialists in the field of communication, including postal services.

The general data
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